Formatting Dates MS Excel

Formatting dates in MS Excel has to be done in a specific way otherwise you will not be able to use the dates for calculations. Excel has interesting date formats and the most common is mm/dd/yyyy where you enter the month in two digits, the day in two digits and the  year in four digits like 09/01/2009 for ‘1st September 2009’.

How to format the data type dates in Excel

  • Select the cells on the Excel worksheet that you wish to format and enter dates
  • Click on Format in the menu bar and select ‘Cells…’
  • In the Format Cells dialog box, select number and then date from the Category
  • Under Type select the format that suits your work •Under Locale (Location) keep the default English (United States)
  • Under Alignment select how you would like your data to be aligned in the Excel cells
  • In the Font section define the font face, size, colour, etc of your choice and finally click on OK to complete the process as shown in the Excel training video

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