Freeze Panes in Microsoft Excel

Let’s learn about the ‘freeze panes’ feature in Microsoft Excel today.
What are freeze panes and how we can use this feature to navigate large worksheets in MS Excel. One of the problems that we face when we view data in large sheets is the disappearance of the the headers or the left-most column when we scroll down or to the right. Now how can we create a situation where our headers don’t disappear or our left-most column of data become invisible?
How to implement the freeze panes feature step by step:

  • We click on the left-most header
  • Next we click on the View tab
  • In the windows group of the view tab we click on the drop down arrow next to the Freeze Panes icon
  • We select Freeze Top Row which keeps the top row visible while scrolling through the rest of the worksheet

Now if we scroll down the large worksheet data our top row remains visible but we still have problem with the left-most row which has the Emp_ID.
To fix the left-most column we again:

  • Click on view
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to freeze panes in the window group
  • We select the option ‘Freeze First Column’. This keeps the first or left-most column of our data visible while we scroll through the rest of the data to the right

But now we have a new problem. Our headers disappear during the scrolling process! So now how do we freeze both the header and the first column? This is a bit tricky.

  • We select a cell that is one row below the headers and one column to the right of the first column, i. e. cell B2
  • Then we click on the View tab
  • Select Freeze Panes again from the windows group
  • From the drop down menu we unfreeze the panes
  • We click again on the Freeze Panes icon and select the top-most option Freeze Panes which now freezes our headers and the first column

Now data viewing in worksheets with large amounts of data becomes easier because we have the headers and the left most or first column frozen or fixed. We can easily view the Emp_ID or the perks while scrolling right or down!

View the Excel training video:

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