Freeze Panes MS Excel

Freeze panes in Excel worksheet

You can avoid unnecessary scrolling by freezing the headers or the columns or both. ┬áIf you wish to ‘freeze’ the headers and they are in row 2, you select the row 3 and then click on ‘window’ in the menu bar and select ‘freeze panes’.

To freeze the columns that might be in column ‘A’ you need to select the column on the right (B) and again use freeze from the window menu.

If you wish to freeze both row and column while you view the rest of the data, select a cell below the ‘header row’ and to the right of the column you wish to have in view and then click on window and finally on freeze panes.

To summarize: You can freeze both column and row headings so that viewing data in large Excel worksheets through scrolling up, down or sideways is easy.

The video demonstrates ‘freeze panes’ in Excel.

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