Get Data from UserForm into Table

How to get data from a user-form into a table in an Excel worksheet with VBA. Last time we learnt how to create an inventory solution using tables in a single worksheet. We also learnt how to create an inventory management solution using worksheets like Items list, Items received, Items issued and Stock calculations. We used formulas like Vlookup, COUNTIF  and SUMIF. Today we describe how to find the next blank row in a table for data entry. This will be a precursor to creating an inventory solution with tables in combination with user-forms. Watch the video to learn more:


Watch the video on YouTube.

Here’s the complete VBA code:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim rng As Range
Set rng = ActiveSheet.ListObjects(“Table1″).Range
Dim LastRow As Long
LastRow = rng.Find(What:=”*”, _
After:=rng.Cells(1), _
Lookat:=xlPart, _
LookIn:=xlFormulas, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _
SearchDirection:=xlPrevious, _

rng.Parent.Cells(LastRow + 1, 1).Value = TextBox1.Value
rng.Parent.Cells(LastRow + 1, 2).Value = TextBox2.Value
rng.Parent.Cells(LastRow + 1, 3).Value = ComboBox1.Value

End Sub

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Dim ctl As Control
For Each ctl In Me.Controls
If TypeName(ctl) = “TextBox” Or TypeName(ctl) = “ComboBox” Then
ctl.Value = “”
End If
Next ctl
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
frmItemsList.ComboBox1.List = Array(“can”, “bag”, “doz”, “kg”)
End Sub

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10 thoughts on “Get Data from UserForm into Table”

  1. Hi I have a Situation and I want to resolve it through VBA. Lets say in column B three names are occuring 1000 times again and again (BMW, Audi, VW). I have data infront of all These names which start from column C till Column Y. I want to remove all the data infront of BMW and Audi but want to Keep the data infront of VW. How can I do that by using VBA. Please Response ASAP.

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Sir I am a student and like your videos.
    I am unable to fix a problem. Actually I am using a combo box which is having 10 fruits’ name
    and in another worksheet I have given the list of those fruits. Each fruit has their own process to serve.
    Like while selecting banana next column in the list says “Make a shake of it and then serve”, symultaniously
    I am assigning the text to a string variable.
    Now I want that if a fruit is selected through combo box , the process will store in that variable and msg box should show that variable …..Thanks

  3. Sorry Dinesh Sir , I am not good in English. I want to transfer data with user form. i have created a file followed your video and others’ video also.But the problem is arriving with both steps. Problem is When i transfer data, its done but when i use vlookup formula most of time its error with only model table not the size table..i want to share that file which have created but i don’t know your email id or others, where i can share that file with you.. I am suffering this problem so long..please help me out as soon as posible.

  4. Hello Sir,
    I have some data in my excel file. I don’t want to share all of my data as visible. I want to make a search box in top of my sheet. I need to access my hidden data by input data. example. I have Name, DOB, Cell No. of lot of my students. I need to search name and dob using search by cell no. is this possible? kindly reply me., +91-9442225988.

  5. Hello Sir
    how to solve my in vba code…..Run-time error ‘9’: Subscript out of range
    Set rng = ActiveSheet.ListObjects(“Table1″).Range

  6. Hello Sir,
    I create a design table in excel & I want to fill data by userform but I have a problem that when i feed data it will save in below of table that i design. I want save data in that table. how can I do this…

  7. Thank you very much for the tutorial. It worked perfectly for me.

    But I have a challenge, I discovered that if any of the cell within the Table contains formula, the code will populate the Table from the last row outside the range.

    Please, how can this be fixed that the VBA code will populate the Table from the beginning of the range even when there is a formula in any of the cells.


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