Get external data from Access database into Excel 2007

Getting external data from databases like MS-Access into Excel 2007 takes a few clicks.

  • Click on data tab
  • From the ‘Get external Data’ command group, click on get external data
  • Click on ‘From Access’ option
  • Now find the path to the ‘Northwind.mdb’ sample database by clicking on ‘C:\’ your hard disk
  • Next go to the Program Files Folder and select Microsoft Office
  • Select Office 11 or whichever folder you can identify correctly on your system
  • Go to the Samples folder and double-click on it
  • Double click on the Northwind.mdb file and follow the instructions in the Excel training video below

You can now extract information from the imported data using ‘auto filter’ or ‘advanced filter’. You can also use the in-built functions or custom functions to perform calculations with the relevant fields. Performing such calculations or extraction of information in the database program may be more tedious or require special programming skills like building SQL (structured Query language) queries.

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