Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2010

If you buy a laptop today with the Windows operating system, you’ll get a pre-installed version of Microsoft Office 2010 free of cost. Generally this Office version consist of MS Word and MS Excel. The MS Excel version is labelled as ‘for non-commercial use’. What are the new and improved features in Microsoft Excel 2010?

The Ribbon, introduced in Excel 2007, has been improved to allow you to create custom tabs and groups and rename or change the order of the built-in tabs and groups.

Microsoft Office Backstage View:

Excel 2010 Backstage view

If you click on the File Tab you can view the Save, Save as, Open. Close, Print, Protect, Send, Help, Options, properties of the file, etc. as shown in the image above.

You can access your workbooks from anywhere by saving them on Skydrive. Also your co-workers can be allowed access to these workbooks. You need to create a hotmail email account. Of course, you can also use the paid SharePoint services.

Excel mobile 2010 is also available for Windows 7 phone. You can work with workbooks stored on the phone or received as email attachments.

Sparklines are tiny charts that fit in a cell and help to summarize data next to the data.

The conditional formatting feature has been improved considerably to highlight data using data bars, color scales and icons and provide quick information.

Another very powerful analysis tool called PowerPivot has been introduced to analyze large amounts of data using Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot as an Excel add-in. This PowerPivot tool allows you to import large quantities of data into an Excel workbook for further analysis which can help in quick decision making.
The Solver add-in has been further improved to perform a what-if analysis using an improved interface with better linear and non-linear optimization systems. This Solver can now be used with a 64-bit version.

The Filter capabilities have been enhanced by introducing ‘search’ capabilities which can help you to find an item from thousands of stock items.
The AutoFilter buttons and table headers remain visible while you are filtering the data and you don’t need to scroll up.
The charting feature in MS Excel 2010 has been considerably improved by providing quick access to formatting options through a double-click. In this version 2010 of the software you can use the macro recorder to capture any formatting changes to charts and graphs.

Math Equations:

Math Equations in Excel 2010

Editing tools have been provided to insert math equations and create custom math equations.

Paste Feature:
During the paste process a live preview has been provided with many interesting options so that you can perform the paste procedure according to a variety of needs.

Excel 2010 Paste Options

Picture Editing Tools Improved:
You can capture a screenshot of your workbook, edit it using the improved piture tools and share the screen-shot.

Screen Shot in Excel 2010

Collaboration tools, language and programmabilty features and support for high performance computing has also been improved.

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