Hide or Change Color of Excel Worksheet Gridlines

How to change the color of the grid lines of an Excel worksheet or hide them
1. Click on the Microsoft Office Button
2. Select Excel Options…
3. In the Excel Options window click on Advanced
4. Scroll down to ‘Display options for this worksheet:’
5. Uncheck the check-box against the option ‘Gridline color’
6. Click the OK button
7. We notice that the gridlines on the worksheet are hidden
8. We can now go back to the ‘Display options for this worksheet:’ again using the above procedure
9. We check the box next to ‘Show gridlines:’
10. Now we click on the drop-down arrow next to the fill bucket
11. From the drop-down color palette we choose the green color
12. Click on the OK button
13. The Excel worksheet gridlines are now green
14. To display the original gridlines go back to Excel options as described above, click on the drop-down arrow next to the fill bucket and select ‘Automatic’

Watch the video below to learn how this feature is implemented in Microsoft Excel.
Note: To print the grid lines you need to make changes during the print procedure.

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