Hide Unhide Columns Rows MS Excel

Hide and unhide Columns and Rows feature in MS Excel

The hide and unhide feature in Excel is very useful . We may wish to hide unnecessary data from the user, particularly the data that is of no use to her or occupies many columns and makes the sheet look big. In the application that has a combo button, spinner button and a scroll bar to change the data automatically in the relevant cells, we can hide data columns to make our Excel sheet look more professional. In our Excel worksheet we select the columns and then right click to get a menu and then select hide. Or, you can select the columns first, then click on ‘format’ in the menu bar, select ‘column’ and finally click on ‘hide’. You can hide Excel rows in a similar fashion. To ‘unhide’ the columns or rows you select a column or row on either side of the hidden cells (indicated by a thick line), right click and then unhide the Excel data.

Hide Rows and Columns in Excel
Hide Unhide Feature in Excel
Hide Unhide Feature in Excel


The training video demonstrates how to implement the hide and unhide feature in Excel (no sound).

This video has no sound!

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