Highlighting Duplicates Excel 2007

Highlighting Duplicates in Excel 2007 Data

In the video on tips in Excel we had demonstrated how to find and format duplicates and highlight them.
Today let’s use conditional formatting on our data to highlight duplicates in a more intuitive manner.
Let’s say your club is issuing tickets to its members and wishes to avoid duplicates:

  • Select the data
  • Click on ‘styles’ in the home tab
  • Select Conditional formatting
  • Select Highlight Cells Rules
  • Click on duplicate values
  • In the ‘duplicate values’ window, select duplicate and define the formatting colors by choosing an appropriate color value from ‘values with’
  • You can also select a ‘custom format..’ and proceed accordingly.
  • You can remove the formatting by selecting all the cells used in the formatting procedure, click on the styles drop down arrow, select ‘clear rules’ and finally ‘clear rules from selected cells.

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