Home Loan Refinace Calculations Using MS Excel

Robert wants to solve the following problem:
You have been living in the house you bought 10 years ago for $300,000. At that time, you took out a loan for 80% of the house at a fixed rate 15-year loan at an annual stated rate of 9%. You have just paid off the 120th monthly payment. Interest rates have meanwhile dropped steadily to 6% per year, and you think it is finally time to refinance the remaining balance. But there is a catch. The fee to refinance your loan is $4,000. Should you refinance the remaining balance? How much would you save/lose if you decided to refinance?

Watch the video below to learn how to find out whether it’s worth refinancing a home loan based on certain data with the help of MS Excel:

One thought on “Home Loan Refinace Calculations Using MS Excel

  1. In loan Calculation formula i have a doubt.

    Pmt No

    “” – what is use this double court

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