How to copy a Word table into Excel

We can easily move data from a Word table into Excel by copying and pasting the data from MS-Word. The data in each Word cell is copied into individual Excel cells. If necessay, you can clean up the data so that things like extra spaces between words are removed which can make data analysis incorrect or difficult in the spreadsheet.
The Process:

  • Select the data in Microsoft Word
  • Click on the copy icon or press ‘CTRL+C’ from the keyboard
  • In the Microsoft Excel worksheet, select a cell, click on paste or press ‘CTRL+V’
  • At the bottom right of the pasted data you’ll an icon called ‘paste options’. You can decide whether you wish to paste by ‘Keep Source Formatting’ or ‘Match Destination Formatting’. We have chosen the latter.

You can now perform your calculations and improve formatting where ever possible and desirable!
The Excel training video takes you through every step.

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