How to Create Quiz in Excel Using Comments Conditional Formatting

Quiz using the comments and the conditional formatting features in Excel

When you move the cursor over the red triangle in cell A3 you can see a comment like ‘Who was the first Prime Minister of India?’. Now you can click inside cell A3 and enter your answer. If your answer is correct the cell gets filled with a green color and the font of the data becomes white. How did we achieve this? We learn how to add a comment in cell A6 by selecting the cell, clicking on the ‘Review’ tab and then selecting ‘New’ comment from the ‘Comments’ command group. In the comment box we write ‘Which is the capital city of India?’. Next we select the cell A6, click on the Home tab and from the Cells group we select Styles and then conditional Formatting, go to ‘Highlight Cells Rules’ and finally click on ‘Equal To…’. In the ‘Equal to’ pop-up window we type below ‘Format cells that are EQUAL To:’ text-box ‘Delhi’. In the text-box on the right we click on the drop-down arrow and select ‘Custom Format…’. In the Format Cells window we make the font bold and set the color to white. After clicking on the Fill tab we select the green color. Next we click on the OK button. Finally in the Equal To window also we click the OK button.
Now if a player enter ‘Delhi’ in cell A6 to the question in the comment box, the cell gets filled with green color and white font.
In this manner we have created a quiz with many questions in cells A3:E5. Also, in Sheet2 we have provided all the answers to the quiz questions.

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