How to make Excel workbook expire

How can we make an Excel workbook expire with VBA so that the co-workers are forced to work with the latest version of the file or data.

Watch the training video below:

You can watch this video on YouTube.

Here’s the complete VBA code:

Sub Warn_User_of_Expiry()
Dim expiry as Date
expiry = “4/25/2016”
If Date > expiry Then
MsgBox “The data has expired. Please download the latest version”, vbInformation, “Close”
MsgBox “You have ” & expiry – Date & ” day(s) left”, vbInformation, “Data expires ” & expiry
End If
End Sub

2 thoughts on “How to make Excel workbook expire

  1. Krishna

    In that case, the owner of the document can’t even change the date.
    So, how to avoid that. Then the application should ask for the password for Admin access at least.


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