How to share Excel files on the Net

How to share Excel files on the Net using SkyDrive
You will need a hotmail account which you can get by registering at or
Once you log into your hotmail account you’ll see the Outlook icon above the inbox. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Outlook icon and you’ll see ‘SkyDrive’ which has now been renamed to ‘OneDrive’. Click on SkyDrive and you’ll then see the files in the SkyDrive with your name next to the SkyDrive. If you already have files, you can view them. Now you can click on the Upload icon to upload files from your computer to SkyDrive. Right-click on the file you uploaded and from the menu select ‘Sharing’. You can now send an email to the person(s) with whom you wish to share the file. You can also write a personal message before you click on the blue ‘share’ button. You may allow the person also to edit the file by checking the option ‘can edit’. If you so wisk you can revoke the ‘can edit’ permission.
You can also create a link to the file and send the link to the person via email or share the link on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. In fact, you can make the link public so that anyone can search for and view the file.
Watch the training video below for more details:

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