How to Work with text functions in Excel 2007

How to Work with text using text functions in Excel 2007: Working with text in Excel 2007 can produce interesting results. For example, if you imported ‘full names’ from a text file or a database and you would like to seperate the data into ‘first name’ and ‘last name’, you can use appropriate text functions like ‘len’, ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘find’ etc or a relevant combinations of these functions to achieve the desired result. In fact, you can compare text and based on criteria you can display an appropriate message. You can also ‘concatenate’ text. If have the ‘first name’ and the ‘last name’ of a customer or employee, you can create a full name by using the function ‘=concatenate(text1,text2). Removing duplicates in Excel 2007 has been automated. So, if by mistake you entered some data twice you can find that out and delete the duplicate entry quickly and easily.

Watch the Excel training video below to learn more about the text functions:

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