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IF Function Question
The question below was asked by some users on Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo! Answers:
“Excel ‘if’ question? What formula? I’m wondering what formula I would need to use on Microsoft excel. Basically depending on the size of a room, it would be S (small), M (Medium) or L (Large).
Less then 6.5m = S
6.5 to 11.5m = M
11.5 or larger = L
What formula would I need to enter in order for Excel to automatically decide if the size of the room is S, M or L?

Using the IF Function
=IF(A2<6.5, “S”, IF(A2<11.5, “M”, “L”)) Or

Using the Lookup Function
=IF(A2=””,””, LOOKUP(A2,{0,6.5,11.5;”S”,”M”,”L”}))
In the lookup formula the first part checks whether the cell A2 has any data at all and then proceeds further.

Using Vlookup (most versatile)
=Vlookup(A2, mydata, 2)
‘mydata’ is the named range.

Watch the MS-Excel training video below to see how the solution is found using IF, lookup and vlookup functions.

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