Import Excel Data into Outlook

Import Excel data into Outlook

Importing Excel data into Outlook can be very useful. Many a times we receive data from databases or from the internet and put it into Excel because of its ease of use. We can, of course, analyze the data, etc. Instead of inputting the data into our contacts folders of Outlook manually, we can now quickly import the data into Excel and save time. Once we have our data in an Excel worksheet we need to do the following to import it into our contacts folder in Excel:

  • We select the data and create a ‘named’ range like contacts.
  • We start Microsoft Outlook
  • Click on ‘File’ in the menu bar and select the item ‘Import and Export…’
  • From the new pop up window ‘Import and Export wizard’ we select ‘import from another programĀ  file’ and click ‘next’
  • In the ‘import a file’ window we select ‘Microsoft Excel’ and click ‘next’
  • Then we select our Excel file by clicking on the ‘Browse…’ button
  • Now we can click ‘next’ and select out of 3 interesting options like ‘do not import duplicate items’
  • Then we select the destination folder where we wish to place our data. In our case it is the ‘contacts’ folder
  • After clicking next you can also ‘map’ your fields to the fields in the destination folder like you could map the ‘Title’ in your data to the ‘Title’ under the ‘Name’ field in the contacts folder
  • Click on finish to complete the process

The Excel training video describes the complete process:

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