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Hello! Welcome to our website! We have published many videos about Excel in English. We now thought: Let’s teach Excel also in Hindi. Let’s see how we can achieve this.
When you start Excel you see the standars title bar, menu bar, tool bar and other custom items depending on your customizations. The main thing, however, is that you get a work area that looks like a graph paper with thousands of cells.
If you click inside the work area on a worksheet cell, you will notice that the column D and the row 4 changes color (to blue) indicating that you are in cell D4 or you have selected cell D4 or the activecell is D4 which means if you now enter data from the keyboard it will be input into cell D4. You can also confirm this fact by watching the ‘name bar’ which has D4 written inside it. This Excel file is called a workbook. It consists of 3 displayed worksheets.
We’ll work in sheet1 and let’s write ‘Name of student’ in cell A3. We can increase the width of the cell to accomodate the complete data so that it is completely visible. Let’s now enter ‘hindi’, ‘English’, ‘Science’, ‘Maths’ and ‘SST’ in the cells B3, C3, D3, E3 and F3 respectively.
Let’s enter ‘Ram’, ’67’, ’72’, ’94’, ’90’ and ’64’ in cells A4, B4, C4, D4, E4 and F4 respectively.
We select the text data in cells A3 to F3 and make it bold. Many ways are shown in the video on how to make the text bold. We select the text in cell A3, click on the brush like icon in the toolbars and then click on cell A4 to make the text ‘Ram’ also bold. This is another quick way to format text to bold.
We enter text in cell G3 called ‘Total Marks’. In the cell G4 we write a function called ‘sum’ to add the numerical data in cells B4 to G4 like this:
The formula or function always starts with an equal sign.
In cell Hr we enter text called ‘%Marks’. In the cell H4 we enter a formula like this to calculate the percentage marks:
G4=Total Marks
5= number of subjects
All the marks are out of 100 i. e. the maximum marks a student can get in a subject is 100.
Using similar methods we can make the values in cells G4 and H4 also bold.
You notice that we can enter text, numbers, formulas and functions in the Excel worksheet cells. We can also enter dates and time in the cells.
The main part of a worksheet is the cell. A cell has an address and the cell can access any value in another cell by using the equation ‘=b4’. We write ‘=b4′ in cell b6 to access the value ’67’. This is perhaps the most important concept in Excel.
How many columns are ther in Excel 2003? The total columns in Excel 2003 are 256. If you are in any cell and wish to come to the first cell A1 then just enter A1 in the Name Box and you will reach the cell A1 quickly.
How many rows does Excel 2003 have? The answer is 65536. But how we remember such details. not necessary. But for your information if you multiply 256 with 256 you will get 65536! Internally the computer uses the binary system of numbering to do its work like we humans use the decimal system to work in our day-to-day life. 2^8 (tow to the power 8) is equal to 256 and two to the power 16 (2^16) is 65536. In the decimal system 10 to the power 3 (10^3) is 1000, isn’t it?
So now you have a basic idea of using Excel. In the coming videos you will learn more interesting things like data validation, more functions, how to get information from your data, etc.

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