Landscape Oriented Excel Worksheet Template

Landscape Oriented Worksheet Template

How to change the page orientation in the Excel 2007 worksheet from portrait to landscape for viewing and printing and save it as a template to save time.

Details of saving an Excel workbook as a template:

1. Click on the Page Layout tab in the Page Setup command group.
2. Click on orientation
3. Select Landscape orientation
4. Click on the Microsoft Office Button
5. Click Save As and then Excel workbook
6. In the Save As window click on the drop down arrow next to the ‘Save as type’ item and select Excel Template (*.xltx)
7. We give it the filename landscape.xltx and save this file in the Templates folder which becomes visible next to the ‘Save in’ item.
8. Finally click on Save
9. Close the workbook or file
10. To open the template file for further use we click on the Microsoft Office button
11. Click on New
12. Click on the option ‘My Templates…’
13. Click on the file ‘landscape.xltx’
14. Click on OK
15. The file opens in a landscape orientation
16. In a similar fashion you can create invoice or expense templates

Watch the video below to see how you can implement the landscape orientation of a worksheet and save it as a template in Microsoft Excel.

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