Link Excel worksheet with word document

Link MS Excel worksheet with word document: Copying and pasting from Excel to word or vice versa is an action that many people undertake everyday. In fact, one can say that copying and pasting, in general, has become useful for the everyday computer user. Now another excellent feature has been incorporated to make linking of Excel objects with word interesting for the user: You can now use a function called ‘paste special..’. This paste function has the added advantage that it links the source data (from Excel) with the destination (Word). When you update the data in Excel the data gets automatically updated in Excel. If that should not happen, just right-click the mouse button in the pasted area in word and select update from the appearing menu. The advantages of this paste special are obvious.
How to accomplish the linking of the the Excel spreadsheet with the word document: Open your word document
Open your Excel book
Select the data in Excel that you wish to paste in Word
In Word (2007) click the paste button arrow and then click Paste Special at the drop down list
Select ‘Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet Object’ and click the paste link option located at the left
Click OK.

The Excel training video describes the complete copy and paste special process.

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