Lookup Function Excel

The Lookup function in Excel is an interesting function and can help us analyze data in interesting ways. As you’ll see later it becomes very powerful in conjuction with functions like index and match.
The function has two syntax variations

  1. Vector form: Here it looks in a one-column (or one-row) for a value and returns a value from a second one-column (or one-row) range from the same position. This one-column or one-row range is also called a ‘vector’. The data in the lookup-vector must be sorted in ascending order.
  2. Array form: Here it looks in the first row or column of an array for a specific value and returns a value in the last row or column of the array from the same position. It is mandatory to sort the data in ascending order in the first column or row. For convenience you can name the array ‘mydata’
    The syntax for both the variations is also shown in the training video.

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