Macro Data Entry

Macro to input data in Excel worksheet

The aim of this training video is to help you learn how to write a macro to input data in Excel worksheet using the range property.

How to enter data using an Excel macro

  • Open a new Excel worksheet
  • Click on Tools in the menu bar, select Macro
  • From the drop down menu select the Visual Basic Editor
  • In the Visual Basic editor, click on Insert and select Module
  • Give your macro a name as shown in the Excel training video
  • Next type your code between ‘sub enteringdatausingmacro()’ and ‘end sub’ to access the Excel worksheet cells where you wish to enter data, for example, ‘Range(“A1″).Value=”Item”
  • The main aim of this Excel training video was to demonstrate how to access the cells in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using the ‘A1’ notation and assigning the cells a value

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