Make Excel Charts Attractive

How to make your charts more impressive

Implementing the process:

1. First we select the relevant data for creating the chart
2. Click on the Insert tab
3. Select Column from the Charts command group
4. Select Clustered Column chart
5. A chart is placed in the active worksheet with all the total marks displayed as blue columns
6. Click on one of the blue columns to select all the columns
7. We right-click on one of the blue columns and from the context menu select Format Data Series…
8. The Format Data Series window pops up
9. We click on ‘Fill’ under the Series Options on the left
10. We check the check-box option ‘Vary colors by point’ on the right under ‘Fill’
11. We click on Ok
12. Now we see each column with a different color and the chart looks more interesting

Watch the video below to see how you can make your charts more impressive by using a single simple feature in the fill section of the charts called ‘vary colors by points’.

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