Make Excel Worksheet Fit Printed Page

How to make a Worksheet Fit the Printed Page

One of the practical problems a user faces when he has to print a worksheet with many columns is how to make the worksheet fit a printed page. The straight-forward strategy would be to click on the ‘Page Layout’ command tab and select width in the ‘scale to fit’ group and set it to ‘1 page’. If the scale has a value between 80 and 100% you will be able to view the details on the printed page comfortably.
The other options to make a worksheet fit your page is to change the orientation of the page from the default ‘portrait’ to ‘landscape’ which often solves the problem. Other options are also available like word-wrapping data in cells or reducing the font-size. This may sound tedious but when you create a template you’ll have to take the time.

Watch the video below to see how the process is implemented:

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Make a worksheet fit the printed page

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