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How to sort data in Excel 2007: Sorting data is important when you wish to perform data analysis. You may wish to list the marks of students from highest to the lowest to rank the students. You may wish to list names in alphabetical order. You may want to sort a list of your salespersons during a certain quarter from highest to lowest sales achieved. Sorting data helps you find the data you want quickly. Before performing a Vlookup, for example, you should sort your data.
You can sort your text data like names or inventory items from A to Z (ascendig) or from Z to A in descending order. The numbers can be sorted from the smallest to the largest or from largest to smallest. Dates can also be sorted from the newest to the oldest or vice versa. However, dates must be entered in a proper format that Excel recognizes or Excel will treat the dates as text. Interestingly, you can sort the Excel worksheet cells by color and this can be quite a useful feature if you have applied conditional formatting to your data and used color! As you can observe in the training video the sorts are mainly done on columns but you can also sort in rows. You can also do a multi-column or a multi-row sort but you need to be careful. We do not wish to interchange our data during the multi-column sort, for example, by giving the right student the wrong rank or marks! We must opt for ‘expand selection’ option when we perform a multi-column sort. Also note that if some of your numbers are stored as text and some as numbers, then the numbers stored as numbers are sorted before the numbers stored as text. Avoid having leading spaces in your Excel data that you might have imported from a text file or database because this can lead to sorting problems. If you have headers in the first row, it’s best to select the option: My data has headers as demonstrated in the training video while sorting the data based on colors in the cells. As you can observe we have entered the headers in only one row by wrapping the long text within the cells to avoid any errors during sorting.

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