How to use functions in Microsoft Excel

Let’s learn about more functions using our data about the students marks. How to we find which student got the lowest marks? We use the ‘Min’ function which takes the form:

MIN(number1, number2,…)
You can have upto 255 numbers and the function will find the minimum or lowest number accurately and quickly.
How do you find who is the best performer in your class? By using the ‘Max’ function. It takes the following form like the ‘Min’ function:
MAX(number, number2,…)
You can use 1 to 255 numbers. The function finds the highest or maximum number quickly and accurately. In our example, John got the highest total marks in the class.
Both the above functions are easily accessible in the Home Tab under the editing group. You click on the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Autosum’ command.

Functions in MS Excel

To count the number of students you use the ‘counta’ command which counts all the spreadsheet cells that contain data irrespective of whether they contain text or numbers. The formula looks like this:
COUNTA(value1, value2,…)
The counta function is not available in the editing group of the home tab but it is available as a library function and it was accessed in this manner as shown in the training video.
Our example shows a count of 11 students.

Watch the video:

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