Microsoft Office Button

The Microsoft office button is a logo type of button that contains many commands like save, open, etc. The Microsoft Office button is the logo like icon located at the left top corner of the Excel workbook window. It contains many commands like new,open, save, save as, print, prepare, send, publish, close, etc. Each of these commands has many submneu options to perform different tasks. From the office button you can also customize the Excel interface like getting 5 worksheets when you launch Excel instead of the standard 3 worksheets. Also you see a menu of the recently saved files which you can now access with a single click. As an example click on ‘save as’ and you will note that you can save Excel workbooks in almost 27 different formats. The major changes that are interesting for Excel 2003 users are the saving the file as an Excel workbook or as a ‘Excel macro-enabled’ workbook if the workbook contains macros or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) coding. Also interesting is the format where you can save the Excel workbook file as ‘Excel 27-2003 workbook’ if you wish to share the Excel 2007 file with people who are still using the older versions of Excel.

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