Working in Microsoft Excel

We have already entered the data of a few students with their marks. Now we’ll enter some data for a student by the name of ‘Charles’. Now we enter the school name at the top of the worksheet by selecting a few cells, merging and centering them and then entering the name. The font-size for the school name is increased to ’14’ as shown. Between the school name header and the header for the data there are a few blank rows but the students data is compact with no blank rows or columns. Data that has to be acted upon should be entered in this manner.
We also learn how to save the file by assigning it a name.
Now we make the headers like the ‘name of student’, ‘marks1’, etc bold and also make the data fit in such a manner that the words are completely visible. Next we use a simple formula to add the marks to get the total marks. If you had nore data this formula method would be cumbersome. Therefore we apply the ‘autosum’ function. Now we don’t need to apply the autosum or sum function repeatedly because we can use the ‘autofill’ feature in MS-Excel to automatically calculate the rest of the total marks of the students. Similarly we use the ‘average’ function to calculate the average marks of the students. The decimal value of the average marks is up to 7 places and we can easily round it to one place by using the ‘decrease decimal’ in the ‘Home’ tab under the ‘Number group’. Finally we ‘save’ all the data and calculations by clicking on the ‘floppy’ or ‘save’ icon in the Quick Access toolbar.
We also learn how to close the file and open it again from the Microsoft Office Button by selecting it from the recent documents.
In summary, we have learnt how to enter data in an Excel spreadsheet properly, format the headers, perform calculations using formulas and functions, saving the file and opening the file.

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