Named Ranges Excel 2007

How to use named ranges in Excel 2007

Normally for calculations we use ‘cell’ addresses. For example, if we have a value ’30’ in cell a1 and a value ”10′ in cell b1, then we calculate the sum of both the values in cell c1 as “=a1+b1”. Now we can name a cell, a range of cells, a range of non-continuous cells in the same worksheet or in different worksheets. Then instead of using cell addresses we use, for example, “=sum(salaries)” anywhere in a worksheet to calculate the total of salaries. This shows you the power of naming ranges. You could now select different cells having the property ‘expense’ in your business and just type in any cell in the worksheet “=sum(expense)” if you named the range ‘expense’. It’s easier for the user to remember names and this process is also less error prone. The following Excel training video highlights the concept of named ranges.

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