Nested IF Function in Excel

Thank you for speaking with me this evening. I appreciate your willingness to help. As discussed, I am looking for help with the nested IF function.
Attached spreadsheet has the values and the formula. For few conditions, the results are as expected but for a few other conditions, they are not as expected.
Could you please review and suggest what could be wrong or if there is a better alternative to the formula I used here?
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Mohan Naidu

Image of solution by the user:

nested if function in excel
Using the IF function in Excel to determine the complexity of a project

Tier-1: >10,000 hours, impacts multiple divisions or multiple departments and/or greater than 9 teams. (Any 2 of these 3 conditions should be met)

Tier 2 – 4,000 – 10,000 hours, impacts multiple departments and/or 6 to 9teams. (Any 2 of these 3 conditions should be met)

Tier 3: 120 – 4,000 hours

Watch the training video to learn about the solution. Also note the interesting use of comments.

One thought on “Nested IF Function in Excel

  1. hi sir i saw all your videos and its a fabulous work..i have one doubt that is
    i have one sheet called columns(Item_name,Item_qty,price).

    Now the requirement is i created one more sheet and i created a parameter called item_name. when i entered the item_name downside automatically (Item_name,Item_qty,price) these details will come down or else it will enter in another sheet.its just like searching the item from another sheet and insert only that record in another sheet. i need to take the printout of that row just like receipt.

    Its urjent issue from my company..pls help me to do this..

    Thanks &Regards

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