Number Formatting in Excel

Currency number formatting in Excel

Currency number formatting in Excel is important and useful particularly if you are dealing with different currencies of the world or have definite requirements of display after the decimal point. In Excel you can display almost all of the currencies of the world. You can also define whether you wish to have 2,3, 4 or more positions filled with numbers after the decimal point depending on the precision of calculations required for your specific field of work.

How to implement currency number formatting in Excel

  • Select the Excel cell(s) you wish to format
  • Click on Format in the menu bar, select ‘Cells… ‘.
  • In the dialog box that pops up, select Number and then Curreny from Category
  • Next to Decimal places choose ‘2 and under Symbol select $English (United states)
  • Under ‘Negative Numbers’ select the format you want, generally a positive number
  • From the Font select the font face, size, color, wrap text, etc
  • From the Alignment menu make your choice next
  • Now the currency data appears as ‘########’. Well, the Excel cell width is too small to hold the complete currency data. Just make the cell a bit bigger as shown in the Excel training video and everything should be as expected!

Watch the video:

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    I work in a help desk and trying to make a excel macro to record the time ime spending on a customer, each customer can be started and stopped several times., any help would be good. Mark

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