Paste Special

Using Paste Special feature in Excel

Once you’ve selected the data, clicked on copy you can paste the data in the same sheet or another sheet. This is a process that is most common. However, you can also use the ‘paste special…’  feature in MS Excel to perform a variety of interesting tasks as shown in the image below:

Paste Special in Excel

  • You can paste the data with the formulas
  • You can paste only the values – no formulas
  • You can paste the comments •You can paste only the cell with data validation
  • You can just paste the columns with their widths
  • You can paste the data with the formulas and number formats
  • You can paste only the values and the formats
  • You can apply an operation like add or multiply when pasting
  • You can transpose the data while pasting – horizontal data becomes vertical and vice-versa
  • You can link the pasted data with the original source even from programs like word and powerpoint so that when you make changes to the original data the copied and pasted data is also updated

Watch the video below:

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