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Statistical RANK function in Excel 2007

Let’s say you have name of the employees and their sales in quarter one or names of students and their corresponding marks arranged in a random manner and you wish to find out who had the highest sales or which student attained the best marks. You can use the rank function which can give you this information without sorting the data.
The syntax of the rank function can be described as follows:
(number, ref, order)
Number is the number whose rank you want to find.
Ref is an array of, or a reference to, a list of numbers. Non numeric values in ref are ignored.
Order is a number specifying how to rank number. If order is 0 (zero) or omitted, Microsoft Excel ranks number as if ref were a list sorted in descending order. If order is any nonzero value, Excel ranks number as if ref were a list sorted in ascending order.

In case you do not know how to enter the different parameters required by the RANK function, our Excel training video even explains that.

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