Recover Excel Graph data from PowerPoint

How can I recover my Excel graph data from a PowerPoint slide or graph
Can I recover my Excel data from a PowerPoint slide or graph because I’ve lost my original Excel file?
I had data in Excel from which I created a bar graph chart. I used the chart for my power point presentation by copying and pasting it. Now I wanted to edit my data but realized that it had been deleted, i. e. by mistake somebody had deleted the complete file. Can I recover my data from the chart?

Yes! Open the chart in PowerPoint and just double click on it. The chart will be automatically converted to an Excel worksheet with the data.
In Excel 2007 also you can achieve the same result by double clicking on the chart object in PowerPoint. In the new dialog bx that pops up click on ‘convert’ and then you can ‘select data’ or ‘edit data’ by selecting the appropriate option in the ‘Ribbon’.
In Excel 2007 you can right click on the bar chart in PowerPoint, select ‘chart object’, ‘covert…’ and in the convert window select ‘Microsoft Excel Worksheet’, click ‘OK’. Next double-click on the graph to get your data!
Let’s see how this can be achieved in both Excel 2003 and 2007.
Watch the video below:


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