Run Multiple Macros Excel

How to run multiple Excel macros in a worksheet
We have created two macros with the names FirstMacro() and SeconMacro() and will demonstrate how to run the multiple Excel macros:

  1. The FirstMacro() simply outputs a welcome message
  2. The SecondMacro() asks the user to enter a number. Once the number is entered the macro asks whether it should guess the number. On clicking on OK it outputs the correct number and finally says ‘Bye’.
  3. You can run these macros alone only
  4. Now we create a third macro call runmultiplemacros which calls the above two macros
  5. Click inside this macro and then click run to execute the first two macros
    The training video demonstrates the process properly.


Macro code for reference:
Sub FirstMacro()
MsgBox (“Welcome!”)
End Sub

Sub SecondMacro()
Number = Application.InputBox(“Enter any number”)
MsgBox (“Do you want me to guess the number?”), vbDefaultButton1
MsgBox Number
MsgBox (“Bye!”)
End Sub

Sub runmultiplemacros()
End Sub

Further reading:
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