Search Multiple Values in Worksheet Data

How to search multiple values in worksheet data using VBA. Earlier we had learnt how to search for data in a worksheet using a looping process but were able to find a single value. Today we learn to extract all the occurrences of data in our worksheet like an item code with VBA. Watch the video below:

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Here’s the complete VBA code to find multiple data withe the same value:

Sub searchMultipleValues()
Dim erow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim lastrow As Long
Dim count As Integer

lastrow = Sheets(“item_price”).Cells(Rows.count, 1).End(xlUp).Row

count = 0

Dim p As Long

p = 11

For x = 2 To lastrow

If Sheets(“item_price”).Cells(x, 1) = Sheet2.Range(“b3”) Then
Sheet2.Cells(p, 1) = Sheets(“item_price”).Cells(x, 1)
Sheet2.Cells(p, 2) = Sheets(“item_price”).Cells(x, 2)
Sheet2.Cells(p, 3) = Sheets(“item_price”).Cells(x, 3)
p = p + 1
count = count + 1
End If
Next x

MsgBox ” The number of data found for this item code is ” & ” ” & count

If count = 0 Then
Set ws = Worksheets(“Sheet3”)
With ws
erow = .Cells(Rows.count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row
.Cells(erow, 1) = Date
.Cells(erow, 2) = Sheet2.Range(“B3”)
End With
End If


End Sub


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8 thoughts on “Search Multiple Values in Worksheet Data”

  1. Hio sir
    if i have a Userform instead of sheet2 how i will get the data from sheet to userform. textbox CboReg is the search textbox
    200 -14.5 100.25
    200 -10.5 100.12
    200 0.000 100.0
    200 2.650 100.325
    200 5.000 100.600

  2. Hello, i have learned so much from you. Thank you. Can i ask is there any way i could edit a row of data data from the multiple search results and save it back to the main sheet?
    Maybe by selecting the row i wish to edit?

  3. Good Day Sir,
    I was excite with your video, I am new to Excel VBA and the video on multiple search data is something I can really use. After several attempts to write the code and copy and paste. I did not have any luck.

    Is there any opportunity to send a file with the codes and I can just edit the workbook.

  4. Do you have a download of the workbook with code?
    I have tried to recreate this in Excel 2016 and i continue to get run time errors etc it will not work at all as you show.

    can you share the workbook with all the code?

    Thank you

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