Sharing Excel 2007 Files with Excel 2003 Users

Sharing Excel 2007 files with older versions of Excel
Sharing Excel 2007 files with older versions of Excel: If you try to open Excel 2007 files in an older version of Excel, you get the following message as shown in the picture below. How you can overcome this problem so that you can share files with your friends who use an older version of Excel or don’t use Excel at all is described in detail below.

Sharing Excel 2007 files with Excel 2003 users

Excel uses a different file format in Excel 2007 when you save the file. The file format is not compatible with the earlier versions of Excel including Excel 2003. Therefore opening a file created in Excel 2007 in earlier versions of Excel is not possible and your friends will not be able to see the data in your Excel 2007 files if they use an older version of Excel. Of course, you will be able to work with their files. You will be able to edit the older versions and reatin the older format. In fact, using the ‘Save as…’ command you can convert the older file formats into Excel 2007 format. But how can you help your friends who are using the older Excel version to read your Excel 2007 files? Simple: While performing the ‘save as…’ command, you can select the file to be saved in ‘Excel 97….2003’ formats! In fact, if some of your friends don’t use Excel at all or use different spreadsheet programs, you can save your Excel 2007 files in the ‘CSV’ format which can be accessed even with a simple program like notepad. Watch the training video below to see how this is accomplished.

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