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Our main aim today will be to learn about sorting data in Microsoft Excel. A simple sort procedure in MS Excel can provide a great deal of information. If you sort the data in ascending order or from the lowest value to the highest value or A to Z, you can immediately observe which value is the lowest and which is the highest. In our case for example you can see at a glance which student has scored the lowest total marks and which student has scored the highest marks.
We have also learnt how to copy a specific area of the data from one Excel worksheet into another. When you try to sort your data in one column Ms Excel will always warn you that the data in this column is related to data in other columns and will expect you to expand the sorting selection which you must expect in order to get the desired results. In our example, students names and their marks are closely related. Therefore you cannot just sort the spreadsheet data in that column. This would lead to the wrong student getting the incorrect marks!
You can also sort data the data in the Marks3 column, expand the selection and find out quickly who got the highest or lowest marks in this subject. Very useful indeed, if you wanted to give a prize as a teacher for this subject.
In summary, the sort function in Excel can give us pretty good information quickly.

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  1. i am using excel 2002, I need to be able to sort data on sheet2 column A, to sheet2 column G , FROM A COMMAND BUTTON on sheet1. So far everything I try fails.

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