Staff scheduling solutions using Solver in Excel

How to organize people so that customers are not left waiting in a Bank or when they call up or when students come to their class.
A computer training school has faculty with different responsibilities. Many of them work full-time and some work only part-time and a few are on holiday. The institute is open seven days a week. Fulltime faculty works 40 hours and the part-time faculty works 20 hours per week. Maximum working hours per day are 8. Some faculty is available Monday to Friday, some faculty is available on week-ends and other faculty is available only on certain days of the week. Now there is a specific requirement every day of the week and we have to schedule the staff in such a manner that the requisite faculty is always available. Not an easy task to perform manually but Solver finds a solution quickly. You need to organize your data properly with appropriate constraints depending on whether the faculty is full-time or part-time. The constraints also take into account whether a faculty is on holiday or unavailable on specific days of the week.

Watch the Excel training video to understand how this scheduling is done!

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  1. Dinesh thank you for the video. I learned how to use F(X) for solver 12 years ago, but I lost the work book I had saved the cells. I am a manager for Verizon Wireless with 47 employees and using excel would greatly reduce scheduling time. Are there any books you would recommend or have you published one? My Clemson professor passed away 2 years ago and according to the mgt dept he was the only one that taught that class.

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