Tables as Database in MS Excel

This Excel training video on tables as database is based on a website visitor’s query:
‘Wondering (as a newbie) whether excel is an appropriate database for my needs or not. I want to set up a database that will allow me to keep records of basic contact information for a number of clients but also allow me to access more free form information about communications over a period of time. I’m wondering whether it might be possible to combine excel with word documents, such that one could open up the relevant word doc from a cell within the excel database.
Hope this makes sense! Many thanks.
You can use the ‘Format as Table’ feature in MS-Excel to create a neat database. Avoid blank columns and blank rows in your data. Whenever you add more data rows or new column headings they automatically become a part of the table. If you have a formula in a row cell it automatically gets propagated to the next row. If you create a chart using the table data and then add more data your chart gets automatically updated! Tables in Excel are a great way to maintain your customers data or data about your employees, for example. Bset of all is the ease of data analysis in a table. Earlier, in Excel 2003 the table was called a list. Also the formats available for a database table are so numerous and beautiful that you would enjoy your work when you visualize the data.

You can create links to other files on your computer like MS Word documents. When you try to open the link you may get a routine message as shown in the image below. But since these are files on your computer danger of malicious viruses can be ruled out.

Tables as database warning
Tables as database warning

We had also described tables in Excel earlier. In MS Excel 2003 these tables were known as lists as already mentioned.

Watch the training video below to see how you can use tables as a database in MS-Excel:

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