Tables in MS Excel

A question from a teacher:
I have student names, marks in different subjects, total marks, % Marks and grades. I have also created a chart of the students Names against their % Marks. Now when I add more student names and their marks I want the total marks. % marks and grade automatically updated. Also the chart should be updated automatically. Can this be done in MS-Excel?
Thanks for your help in advance :).
You can use the table feature n MS-Excel to solve this problem.

Tables in Excel are very useful entities. You can use them to:

Automate calculations – no autofill required
You can automatically update charts related to tables
The headers are always visible when you scroll through the Excel data
Now you can analyze your data quickly for example to find out who got a certain total or grade
Make your data presentation outstanding by using table styles

You can also use tables to analyze sales data or find out quickly whether an item is available for rent or sale using tables in Excel.

Watch the training video below to learn about tables in Microsoft Excel 2007:

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