Add Text To Displayed Excel Numerical Value

How to add text to an Excel numerical value so that it is still treated as a numerical value with which you can perform all kinds of calculations like sum, average, etc. Many people like to see the numerical quantity with some text so that they can easily know what that quantity relates to. For example, if I’m an exporter I would prefer to see ’12 silver stands’ as inventory than just ’12’ without scrolling through the whole Excel worksheet. If I’m dealing in foreign exchange and using calculations to convert one currency into another I would prefer to see ‘120 AUD’ (AUD = Australian Dollar) multiplied by a factor than just ‘120’ multiplied by a factor. Also I would prefer to add quantities and see the result as ‘5400 AUD’ than just ‘5400’.
The process of adding custom text to a numerical in Excel is easy and offers great advantages. We use quotes to add the text.

Watch the training video below to learn how add text to numerical values in Microsoft Excel:

Can you also have a format that will vary based on the value in the cell? For example you may wish to display ‘pc’ for a single piece of quantity and ‘pcs’ for many pieces of an item. Yes this can also be acieved easily in MS Excel by using spefic conditions before the word ‘General’. For example, you could use the format: [>1] General ” pcs”;[=1]General” pc” to display ‘pcs’ if the value in the cell is greater than 1 and ‘unit’ if the value in the cell is 1.

Add Text to Numerical Value Text Added based on Condition