Auto Fill MS Excel

Autofill in MS Excel

Once you have created a formula to do your calculations in Microsoft Excel for one item in a data, you can use the autofill in Excel feature to complete all the calculations quickly without having to rewrite the formula in every relevant Excel cell.

How to implement an ‘autofill’ in Excel:

Click on the Excel cell.

Take your mouse to the right bottom corner of the Excel cell where you can observe a square black handle.

Now drag with the mouse when you see a thin dark cross.

The data in the lower Excel cells is automatically calculated as shown in the Excel training video.

If you have thousands of rows filled with data that you wish to calculate you may find that the process of dragging is tedious. Just double-click on the black dot at the lower right end of the cell and autofill does its job in seconds and fills all the relevant data!

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