How to Open Folder in Excel Using VBA

How to open a folder in Excel automatically using VBA. We have earlier learnt how to loop through files in folders and sub-folders and perform specific actions. Sometimes we may need to open a folder and select a file for attaching to an email that we send automatically using VBA. Watch the video to learn how to open a folder on a hard-disk:

You can watch this video on YouTube.

Here’s the VBA code to open a folder automatically:

Sub openFolder()
Shell “Explorer.exe C:\exceltrainingvideos\”, vbNormalFocus
Dim strFolder As String
strFolder = “C:\exceltrainingvideos\”
ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Address:=strFolder, NewWindow:=True
End Sub

You can use the ‘shell’ command or ‘followhyperlink’ to open a folder quickly and easily with VBA.