Templates in Excel

Templates in Excel can help simplify your work if you regularly write about your travel expenses or have to perform calculations on loans taken from your company. It is better to create a ‘template’ than to type in all the headers again and again. In fact, when you start Excel you see a template called ‘book1’ and the worksheets ‘sheet1’, ‘sheet2’, etc. Templates help to simplify data entry and automate calculations. Thousands of templates are available online for various calculations like monthly repayment calculations, financial ratios calculations, calendars, expense statements, income statements, etc. Creating templates is an art and many people have converted this art into a profession. This means you can earn good money if you know how to create good templates.

We have created a template to calculate the monthly payments on a loan using interesting activex controls like combo box, scrollbar and drop down list. In fact, if you hide the columns with the headings ‘car’ and ‘price’ and a few other Excel worksheet cells, the template will look more professional.  The process of creating the template is the same as creating a normal Excel file except that when you save the file yo save it as ‘Excel template’ as shown in the training video. Since you are making a template you can format the relevant cells in interesting ways to make your template look more interesting.

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