Text Formatting MS Excel

Formatting text in Excel
Formatting text in Excel is an important activity particularly when you have to present data to others in your team or to a customer. Whether you create headers or enter text for employee names or wish to create templates in Excel, you will have to edit or format the text. Our Excel training video demonstrates this simple but important process, particularly for beginners in Excel.
Implementing text editing in Excel

  • Click on ‘Format’ in the menu bar. Select ‘cells…’.
  • A new dialog box opens up
  • Under ‘category’ select Text
  • Next click ‘Alignment’ and align your text both horizontally and vertically in the Excel cell according to your choice. If your text is long, you can also select the ‘wrap text’ feature.
  • Then select ‘Font’ to set the font face, size, color, etc as per your requirements
  • You may also use other text formatting features like underline, superscript or subscript in Excel
  • As you will note, Microsoft Excel provides excellent text formatting features
  • Tip: If your text begins with ‘0’ you will need to type an ‘apostrophe’ before starting your data entry.

Watch the Excel training video:

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