Troubleshoot Recorded Macro

Troubleshooting recorded macro in Excel Recording and troubleshooting the recorded macro:

  1. In the menu bar click on Tools
  2. Select Record a macro
  3. Accept the macro name and other details in the new window record macro and click OK
  4. Now start entering the data. When finished, click again on Tools in the meu bar and select Stop Recording
  5. Now select sheet2 and place your cursor in an cell (C5). Click on Tools and then Macros. From the new opened window select Run. The recorde macro executes but the Name of the Item is in cell C5 and not cell A1 as expected!
  6. Click on Tools, select Macro and then Macros… andd finally Edit.
  7. In the Editor do a little tweaking as shown.
  8. Run the macro in sheet3.
  9. Everything works as expected and the data is in the proper cells.

When you run the recorded macro, it doesn’t behave as you expect. The ‘Name of Item’ in the macro appears where your cell selection was. This is because the macro defined the first entry as ActiveCell, assuming it to be the starting point in the macro! Now after tweaking the code of the macro, the macro does exactly what you want it to do as shown in the training video.

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