Using 3d references in Excel 2007

How to use 3D references in MS Excel 2007
Let’s say you have sales data of each month in different worksheets or expense data in 12 different Excel worksheets for the year and you wish to consolidate the yearly data into a single worksheet called ‘yearly summary’. You can do this quickly and easily using 3d cell references. As shown in the training video, you type ‘=sum(‘ , click the ‘january-expense’ worksheet, select cell B5 which has the total expenses for the month of January. Then you press the shift key on the keyboard and select the last worksheet, say, ‘march-expenses’ and then press enter. The complete formula now appears in the summary worksheet with the bracket closed. As soon as press enter the total expenses are now displayed in the cell where you entered the ‘sum’ formula . In a similar fashion you could access and consolidate data from different sheets and perform relevant calculations.

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