Using Excel Data for Mail Merge in Word

[GARD align=”left”] Excel and mail merge in Microsoft Word
You can use Excel date in mail merge in a word processing software like Microsoft Word to create personalized letters and emails.
Banks and other companies send the same letter or email to many customers but would like the letter or mail to look personalized. Then using the data from an Excel worksheet or other sources you can customize the address and the greeting line. As you can observe, creating data in Excel is quite easy. Let’s see how the mail merge is implemented in Microsoft Word using Excel data.

  • First create your data in Excel. This is an ongoing process and the data of the customers is updated on a regular basis.
  • Now you write your letter in word. We have written a short letter for demo purposes.
  • Next you click on ‘start mail merge’ and select ‘letters’.
  • Then you click on ‘select recipients’ and select ‘use existing list’. From the ‘select data source’ window you navigate to the file that has your Excel data. Click ‘OK’
  • Then you insert the name and address as shown in the video by using the ‘insert merge field’ in Word. we have shown how to insert the first and last name to ensure that the video does not become too long.
  • Next we insert the ‘greeting line’
  • You can preview the merged document by clicking on ‘preview results’
  • Finally you click on ‘finish & marge’, select individual documents and from the new window select ‘all’ and ‘OK’.
  • Once you’ve mastered the basics you can also run queries and merge the specified data as per your query like all people living in a certain ‘locality’ or only having the title ‘Dr’ before their names, etc. As you can guess mail merge and Excel are a great team!

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