Using Excel Help for Vlookup

How to use Excel help. Example: Vlookup

How to use Excel help with Vlookup as an example.
If you have been tweeting regularly or researching about the help feature in Excel you must have been surprised. The help in MS-Excel and other programs provided by Microsoft is severely criticized. Most users feel that the company has done a very poor job on the help documentation front. I feel however that these comments are not justified at all.
Let’s say you decide to analyze your worksheet data using the Vlookup function. In one cell you write ‘=Vlookup(…’ and then realize that you really don’t know how to use the function or have forgotten what has to be entered correctly for the arguments. You need help. Just bring your mouse cursor closer to the word vlookup and you’ll observe that it indicates a hyperlink. Click on the link and you’ll be brought to the program’s online help. Therefore you need to be connected to the Internet. Now you observe that the online help offers good explanations, examples that you can copy and practice on, links to more details or goodies on other functions related to vlookup. That’s quite a lot of good help!
But you say to yourself that at the present moment I’m not interested in reading these details and I need to analyze my data quickly. More help is at hand. Click on the home tab in the office ribbon and in the ‘editing’ group click on the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Sigma’ or ‘Auto sum’ icon, select ‘more functions…’ and a new window called ‘function arguments’ opens up. Here all the four arguments are shown and the vlookup function described. Input the details into the text boxes as shown in the training video and your data is analyzed!

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